Storm Lake Chamber

Progress is dependent on many factors, and a successful, dynamic business community is one of the most critical. Storm Lake United is committed to assist its members in any way possible to create and cultivate an environment of success. 


A week never passes when there isn't a Storm Lake United event. Ribbons fall from the doors of new businesses. Members are spotlighted in the media. But that is just what you see... 


Storm Lake United is constantly active behind the scenes. A wide variety of services and programs are available to members - mailing lists, member-only referrals, advertising programs. Empowering the business community through training and professional development as well as networking opportunities where members can tap into the knowledge of Storm Lake United's entire roster are all benefits of membership. 


The efforts of Storm Lake United and its members continue to propel the business community forward, maximizing growth and opportunity to members and the city as a whole.