Reunions & Group Travel

Are you planning a reunion in Storm Lake?  Are you planning a trip for a large group to Storm Lake?  Are you planning a trip to Storm Lake with several familes?  Whatever the case may be, Storm Lake United can help you plan your trip!  Storm Lake United can provide numerous things for your group, which are listed below:

  • Storm Lake Brochures
  • A coupon Page to Local Restaurants and Retailers
  • Plastic Storm Lake Bags for information

Storm Lake United can also help you find:

  • The right hotel for your group
  • Restaurants big enough for your group
  • Tours to attractions in Storm Lake
  • Event Hall Venues
  • Catering Services
  • And answers to any questions you may have!

Feel free to contact us today for assistance planning your event.  We look forward to having you in Storm Lake!


Phone: (712) 732.3780