Area Facts

Median Home Sale Price 70,500
Owner-Occupied (dwellings) 2,317
Renter-Occupied (dwellings) 1,118
Average Household Size (people) 2.43
Households 3,435
Households Family 2,152
Households Non-family 1,284
  • Estimated median house or condo value in 2013: $107,605, increasing from $70,300 in 2000.
  • In Iowa, the average cost is $126,900.
  • Median gross rent in 2013 was $584.
  • Median real estate property taxes paid for housing units with mortgages in 2013 is $1,484.
  • Median real estate property taxes paid for housing units with no mortgage in 2013 is $1,707.



Buena Vista County and the Storm Lake area are served by excellent infrastructure, including both telecommunications and transportation.


Location and Transportation

By Road

Storm Lake serves as the junction for US Highway 71 and Iowa Highways 7 and 110. US Highways 71 and 20, in the final phases of its four-lane expansion, intersect 11 miles south of Storm Lake.


By Rail

The Canadian National Railroad serves the communities of Newell, Storm Lake and Alta.


By Air

Storm Lake Municipal Airport (Class C) is located just three minutes South of Storm Lake on Hwy 110. Features include two concrete runways; 17/35 5000' x 75', 13/31 3034' x 50'. Instrument approaches: NDB 35, GPS 35/17. Communications: Unicom 122.70, ARRAS 121.725, AWOS (on field) 118.525 and DTN computerized weather. Full service FBO with Phillips Jet A (premix) and 100LL with 24-hour self-service.



Cable Television, Phone & Internet Providers



Consumers increase spending and boost retail sales.

  • Retail sales rose 4% from the previous year, increasing over $600,000.
  • Hotel/motel tax revenue increased nearly 2% over the past year.



Buena Vista County sits on some of the richest farmland in the United States.


  • Over 310,000 bushels of corn and soybeans are harvested each year.
  • Livestock includes turkeys, hogs and pigs (pop. 315,000), cows and calves (pop. 26,000) and chickens.
  • In Iowa, Buena Vista County ranked 7th in soybean production and 8th in hogs marketed.



Storm Lake and the surrounding area provide exceptional educational opportunities

Buena Vista University is ranked third best value school among Midwest colleges by U.S. News and World Reports.



Multiple, state-of-the-art healthcare options are available to area residents

In 2016, Buena Vista Regional Medical Center (BVRMC) opened a $26 million, nearly 70,000 square foot addition and renovation, which includes new medical surgery, ICU and obstetrics rooms as well as a new emergency room, lab and main entrance.




Recreational opportunities abound in the area.



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